Interview with The Below-Fi Cosmic Wanderer, Progenitor of Some Pretty Groovy Music

Interviewer: Your music is beautiful.

Below-Fi Cosmic Wanderer: Thank you. I appreciate it.

I: How do you do it?”

BFCW: Hmmm?

I: The music. What instruments do you use to get your sound?

BFCW: Instruments?

I: Yes.

BFCW: Oh. Well. Yeah … uh … sure. They’re … uh … instruments, you know, inspired by actual alien instruments recovered from actual crashed spaceships.

I: You mean???

BFCW: Yes. Flying saucers.

I: Wow!

BFCW: Wow indeed.

I: How does one come by such rare and cosmic artifacts?

BFCW: Artifacts? I thought we were talking about my instruments?

I: Yes, we were, weren’t we?

BFCW: Indeed.

I: You use that word a lot.

BFCW: What word?

I: Indeed.

BFCW: Indeed?

I: Indeed.

BFCW: Sorry.

I: It makes you sound pompous. Stop it.

BFCW: Okay.

I: So … your music.

BFCW: Yes, my music.

I: Which you make with alien technology.

BFCW: What?

I: So, it’s true then?

BFCW: What?

I: Aliens have infiltrated the music industry!

BFCW: What??

I: Are, in fact, some of today’s pop stars actually aliens? I mean, let’s face it, we’re not talking Neil Young or any of those other old geezers who make music, we’re talking about … well, everything went sideways somewhere. Even Wild Man Fischer wasn’t as weird as all this photo-shopped white noise.

BFCW: What?

I: Who are they? No! What are they?? Grays? Reptilians? Aura Rhanes?

BFCW: What ?

I: Or all of them? Sure, all of them. Interstellar diversity!

BFCW: What?

I: You got to hand it to them, it’s pure genius.

BFCW: What?

I: And evil. Genius and evil. And so simple.

BFCW: What?

I: They don’t need a full-on assault. They take over our children …

BFCW: What?

I: … our leaders of tomorrow.

BFCW: What?

I: But their music, it’s so beautiful.

BFCW: It’s my music.

I: Played on alien technology.

BFCW: It’s just a keyboard.

I: So, you don’t deny it then?

BFCW: What?

I: Are you an alien?

BFCW: What?

I: You are, aren’t you, hence the mastery of these cosmic instruments?

BFCW: I’ll take that as a compliment.

I: How do you say that in your language?

BFCW: What?

I: And there you have it: A beautiful album of ambient music is, in fact, a subliminal message to its listeners to rise up and over-throw the status quo of our species, weakening our race for a complete alien take-over.

Does the president know, and if so, what is he doing about it?

BFCW: Building a wall.

  • From The Hua: Magic Bent’s Only Magazine and Even Then It’s Hard to Findtm

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