Fireside Gatherings

We had fallen into a pretty deep mellow by the time they got around to igniting the fire, which means we were nowhere to be found. But we’ve been to these gatherings; we know how the evening unfolds.

shaman fireThe fireside talk surely lapsed into pseudo-science with little effort, talk of dark matter being a conduit to our nether-regions, or theories on comets and the Oort cloud, though actual knowledge of the cloud is scant and is thus largely absent from actual theorizing.

There was certainly talk of the planets and syzygy and Nibiru, syzygy as alien to these folks as the Oort cloud; Nibiru alarmingly familiar.nibiru

And there was certainly talk of spaceships and government cover-ups and whistle-blowers.

Very little science finds its way into these fireside gatherings. Or reality, come to think of it. It’s a bit like Sunday School in that regard.


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