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I Think It’s Time To Go Home

I have learned the ways of the Force and gazed upon the Emerald City. I’ve had my naivete stripped away like a fashion model’s body hair. And I have drifted into obscure areas of unreality, where mental masturbation is an art form, and Carlos Castaneda is not a fraud. Continue reading

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Make It Stop

Eighteen years ago, Sheri and I were wrapping up our first month as innkeepers. Neither of us had the slightest inkling of what lie ahead… Continue reading

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Lake Erie Flashbacks

A turkey vulture glides serenely across the sky. Earlier this month Sheri and I watched a parade of a couple hundred vultures pass overhead, a Biblical scourge of offal-eaters, leisurely displaying their sheer number. Roadkill doesn’t stand a chance. Continue reading

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August 1973 an excerpt

They careened all over the race track of sex, from tender love making to down and dirty fucking. They exploded in super novae and fell into deep, dark, wet caves. Their lust was a thing to behold and surely the dozens of meteors that flashed across the sky were a direct consequence of their passion. Sexual physicists, to this day, cannot explain their failure to leave a smoking crater in the wake of their sex for there certainly should have been one. They. Were. The. Big. Bang. Continue reading

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