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Waiting for the Other Show to Drop: the 1976 Geminid Meteor Shower

It was a gloriously starry night – that’s the irony to winter skies over Ohio, they are notoriously and steadfastly gloomy, but occasionally a favorable wind blows through, clearing the sky of its cloudy burden, revealing a landscape of glittering jewelry hung on an infinite fashion show of disturbingly thin models dressed in the velvety, star-sequined cosmos. Continue reading

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Pothead Harry and the Wizard’s Balls

Moonlight shone upon the landscape with the icy indifference of an astronomical body utterly inhospitable to life and cold as hell. Poets found it beautiful. Star-gazers found it annoying. Millicent Flowers found it enthralling. Millicent Flowers was a witch. Continue reading

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Pothead Harry and the Wizard’s Balls

          Indeed, Harry was a member of the Ancient Order of High Desert Shaman and Practitioners of the Mystic Arts, an organization that dated back to the earlier in the month. He was its sole member. Continue reading

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